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Check (2021) Telugu HD

Check (2021) Telugu HD

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Forty lives were lost in the bomb blast on th December, . NIA had nabbed five terrorists. After two years of thorough investigation, NIA has presented solid eye witnesses. Entire India eagerly awaits the judgment today. ‘What we want is that he should be punished’. This court considers Hasan Aluddin, Hasan Ali, Abdul and Karim as A. Aditya is considered A for aiding the terrorists. In case they appeal and if the appeal is rejected or their innocence unproved the following judgment shall be implemented to the letter. Terrorism plagues not only the people of this country, But the entire world in some form or the other. Those who take innocent lives in the name of brutal ideologies and ambitions don’t deserve to live… …not only in this life but for any number of lives to come. This court declares that these five convicts should be hanged by the neck. Allah Hu Akbar! – Allah Hu Akbar! Allah Hu Akbar! I order them to be transferred to Gadwal. The court is adjourned. – Sir, Sir! I need a lawyer to go for appeal, Sir. What’s wrong, man? – I am scared! Let’s go from here. Foxes don’t harm us, Come on. But where to? We know nothing We have no one. Let’s go and come back when we grow up. Back to the Ashram? No, man! Hey, there is a truck over there Come on, then. No, I am scared. The truck’s leaving, man! – No, no, man! Come on, buddy! Aditya! Swamy! Swamy! What’s your name? Aren’t your parents with you? Do you know where you are going? Will you go with me? No. ‘I control my own destiny’. That dervish saw the world and denounced it. I am just beginning to see it. No ideal. No goal I stepped forward I was one but not alone My freedom was with me. ‘As we believe so we become’. It means we become what we think. I wish that your thoughts be pure from this moment on as long as you are alive. I believe in Karma. From an atom to the entire universe nothing can escape Karma. Spend the little time left in repentance and you will be absolved. We shall carry out whatever the Lord has ordered. Prison has no place for your ideologies. The rules of the prison should be your ideologies now. This is your world until the execution is carried out. You will remain in the cell for hours every day. You are let out only for a one hour break. Be in your limits and be careful so you can die peacefully. ‘I control my own destiny’. Meaning? ‘I control my own destiny’. It means you write your own fate. But my freedom ends here. Allah Hu Akbar Allah Hu Akbar For the first time in life I knew I was alone. World seemed an illusion that day. Let me show you magic with a cold cola now! Watch! Abracadabra! I am going to make this girl disappear Watch and enjoy! It’s an empty box! Take a look! I place the girl inside right in front of you. Inserting the last sword in her body Abracadabra! Why is this so heavy, man?! Hey, who are you? Get lost from here! Move! Please let me go with you I want to learn magic. Please! What is your name? Sarkar. When the girl disappeared, I thought it was real. If man can disappear, everybody would like to disappear. But why? Only birth and death are in our hands. In between, it is all disguise for survival. One day, life becomes heavy. Who wouldn’t like to escape that burden? I wanted to disappear from the cell just like I did from the wooden box. Sir, only days are left for appeal. Can you please inform the SP? – Yes, I will. Sir, only days are left for appeal There is no sign of a lawyer. Sir, only ten days are left for appeal There is no sign of a lawyer. Bloody terrorist! Who would be ready to take up your case? Only your dead body goes out of here. Stop dreaming! Lawyer…my foot! Go to bed. Hope and life exist together. Without one the other cannot survive. Sir, those idiots planned bomb blasts in Delhi and Mumbai. Hey! Shut up! Idiot! It’s true, Sir. It’s true, Sir I heard them discuss. Stop blabbering Or I will punch you in the face. Got it? Idiot! Don’t you understand I am talking about bomb blast here? Call the SP I need to talk to him. Which part of ‘shut up’ didn’t you understand? How dare you call me an idiot! I got to talk to the SP Don’t you understand? Crazy fellow! Hey! – It’s bomb blast I need to convey. Take that key fastly… I overheard them last night Don’t you get it? Open, fast… How dare you hit me! I am talking about bomb blast. – How dare you? Sir! Can I borrow a cigarette? You are asking a doctor for a cigarette? As per surveys doctors smoke a lot. Obviously no one has surveyed me! Greetings, Sir. – Greetings, Sir. Greetings, Sir. – Greetings, Sir… Good morning, Sir. – Good morning. What happened? Sir! Total and all-out attacks are being planned at Delhi and Mumbai, They want to wreak havoc and then escape. I heard them talk last night in Bangla. Do you know Bangla? I stayed in Kolkata for a year, Sir. But you are one of them. Why should I trust you? – I am not one of them. Trust me, Sir, Please! Let’s go. Tipped off by Intelligence, police conducted raids in Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata and took a terrorist into custody. They also confiscated two kgs of RDX from him. Aditya! Come, come! We could avert a great peril for this country. Orders have come to allot a different barrack to you to protect you from those four. Aditya, Don’t misuse this opportunity. Thank you, Sir. Shift him to Block C. Ok, Sir. – Right now… The first thought of every prisoner is how to escape. Don’t ever entertain that thought. Nothing of that sort, Sir Tomorrow is the last day for appeal. Tirupati… Let’s carry on. Dad! See you! Hmm. Dad! Did you see my RTI file? I am going through it. Give it here I am getting late. I spent my whole life on Public Litigation cases and remained a lawyer under a tree with no chamber. Now that you belong to the new generation, you are taking up RTI cases. Go on like this and you will continue my legacy. Let me take care of this case. You take up this one. No, no! I am not going to take up that case. You must, You are not a kid. Wild animals in KBR Park and trees in Osmania University are not the issues. You must come up in life. Dad! He is a terrorist! Exactly! It doesn’t matter whether we win or lose this case. We will earn enough name and fame. You get a bad name when you stand up for a terrorist, Dad! Who cares whether the name is good or bad. Free publicity is all that matters. Spare me I cannot. Coming home after ten in the night scares you. Sleeping alone in the dark scares you. Crossing the road in heavy traffic scares you. A terrorist’s case is the best remedy for all these. You are asking me to eat okra to learn Math. First go in. Come on, Look at the examples you come up with! Get these signed. Go! I won’t. Who is it? Manasa. Thank you so much for taking up my case. Get lost! Your bloody case! Sign them. Where? – It’s marked. Don’t you want to know anything about me? What is there to know? The whole world knows what you have done. But I am innocent. That’s the first as well as final claim of every criminal. When is the hearing? You would know if it were your life. Hello, boss! Have a cigarette to spare? Presence is behind the bars but confidence is like in a bar. You must be having loads of money. Do you have? – Don’t you have? Ok. Let me check if your Zodiac can bring you money. By the way, I am Shankar. Expert in Astrology and Numerology. Aditya. What is your Zodiac sign? I have no idea. You don’t? No problem. Tell me your birth star. No idea. At least the place of birth…district? Cancerians answer one question out of ten. But Aries repeat the same answer ten times. For example…May…may…may… Hey stop it! I want to sleep. Gemini falls asleep all of a sudden. Hey! – Instant anger…sign of Leo. Will you stop it? – Ok, Sorry brother sleep… Confirmed that you are a Leo. Wow! That’s a great move! Mind blowing move! Shall we have one more game? Hey! What is this nuisance in the middle of the night? Have you gone nuts? Go to sleep. Man loses half his life in sleep. The other half over ambition and totally dead at last. Hey! I am impressed by your enthusiasm to play. Let’s play. There is a moral in the every move you make. Don’t you know? – Impatience…Virgo. What is their problem, man? Are you pissed off thinking Why so much noise over a silent game? It is Chess. They make a commotion of the otherwise silent game. It’s not their mistake There is a problem with their Signs. Two-minded people. Half-God and Half-Beast. A little smartness and a little stupidity. How many of them? – Number of players in chess? Two members. – You have lost! Good morning, brother. Hey, come on. He is alone. One is two Both are one. Haven’t you watched ‘Aparichitudu’? Same story. He plays for both. Win or lose…no tension. Make it fast! Has anyone escaped from this prison? No one dared that adventure yet. But why did you ask? Huh? Sir, Sir! Please don’t beat me, Sir. – How many times should I tell you? Head Warden is a sadistic idiot. You never change, do you? – Give him a tiny scope, He will charge at you Be a little careful around him. He named himself Trigger after watching ‘The Good Bad Ugly’. Only there is nothing good about him. Hey, why do you pass from the front? Go from behind. Greetings, Brother. Don’t look! Don’t look! Brother greetings, How are you? – Greetings, His name is Vinay which means humility That’s why he is too humble. Brother, greetings! – Greetings. He should be in an asylum But they put him here. ‘Too much humility is pride’ Got to be careful with this guy. If you need cigarettes, pay to here and collect from there. Do you have money? This year foresees zero income and ten expenditure for my Zodiac Sign. But how do you spend without income? You are right! How? .. , , What is this? Take it from there! Come along! I am not in the habit Let me go. How many times have I told you?! Wrong move! Stupid! You have been playing so long and yet you don’t know how to play! Idiot! Sriman narayana, what is this nonsense again? Wrong move! Don’t you know he would attack with the Rook? The King is in trouble now. Trigger! Someone placed a newspaper instead of money. Pay attention next time. Hey! Where is it? Ok! You are fine. He has outsmarted even professional cheats. He must be a combination of three Zodiac Signs. Sales were quite good today. Trigger! Didn’t I warn you to be alert? Did you snitch some money? No, sir. Are you playing Lambs and Tigers? Only dullards play it. Trigger! Hey… Some fool is trading paper for cigarettes. Halt the cigarette sale until the culprit is caught. Once I find him, he will face good music. Check! Well-done, Srimannarayana! Well-done. So this is what they call victory in defeat. No fun without an opponent. Can I join? Yes. I have been playing for thirteen years but no one even peeped in here. Come… Where do we begin? Like the walls of the prison, look at these four edges. The central part before them is the war zone. This is the Rook, It only moves straight. Tramples everything in its way. You need a lot of chutzpa to confront it. This is the Bishop. We can never escape its side glances. Always keep an eye on it. This is the Knight. You must know when to loosen the reins and when to tighten, This is the Minister. There is wisdom, knowledge, patience and strategy behind his every move. He is the strongest on the Board. He is very powerful. Synonymous with sacrifice is the Pawn, He only moves forward…never retreats. Don’t underestimate him by his stature. If you are not alert, his very disposition transforms. The strength and stamina of both the kingdoms are the same. The difference is only in the sagacity of the player. Open the mouth only once… While saying ‘check’ surrounding the King from all sides. You never mentioned the King? There is nothing to say about the King. He only sits on the throne and watches on. He will not descend unless danger reaches his doorstep. So you have made a King of a rock. Just like you made currency of a newspaper. But always bear in mind. Your every action is watched every moment. Your every word is heard every second. Then there are always mouths that carry what is seen and heard. Be careful. I know who is cheating you with paper. Aditya. Got a cigarette? Win a game and I will grant you. Whoa! Just as you cannot rectify a mistake, Once you put a step forward you can never retract it. Think twice before putting your foot forward. My loneliness doesn’t let me think. I wonder how some people stay ten to twenty years! I am going crazy. That depends on the individual. There is a difference between loneliness and solitude. Loneliness is riddled with thoughts. If you sharpen those thoughts, it turns into solitude. In solitude, all these walls and bars disappear. The greatest of men from history rose to victory from solitude. With all this wisdom how come you landed here? A crime of passion and a sentence to twenty years. How are you sustaining yourslef or twenty years?! – For Amrutha… My granddaughter. No one else wants to talk to me. She inspires in me hope for life. – Hey, old man! Even I am inspired by Amrutha. Introduce me to her. I am troubled at night. Hey, wait! Let me give you some money. Buy her a China phone. Hey, boss! Need a smoke? – Do you have? They say smoke takes your breath away But I feel I just got mine back. Thanks, Boss. Hey, hit me as much as you want. But don’t put me in a dark cell. Does it feel good now? But you should get a taste of it to decide that. Hey! Open the door! An invincible elephant, a camel with sidelong glances, a prancing horse, a wise and arrogant minister, ..a proud army, a king and his kingdom… In this solitude among the four dark walls I waged in my mind a war against myself. And I fell in love with Chess. Hey, come on out! Hey, Aditya! How was the dungeon? Old man! The switch has loosened Is it electrocuting? Shall we play? Aditya? – Shall we have a game? Is it for the cigarette? Here. Take it. – No, Let me win it. Like the enlightened Buddha under the Peepal tree, How come he came smiling out of the solitary? Both found suitable company! You are playing quite well! – Thanks to your instruction. Very good. Trigger! Why meddle with a terrorist who killed forty people? Everyone in this prison should be under my control. Find the right time and we will check mate him. Wow! Good move! Aditya! No, Leave it. It’s your turn. Did you place it right? – I put it in the exact way. Play! Check! – Bravo! I dedicate my first victory to you. – Dedicating alone will not do. You must practice Chess every day. Ok, Master Keep enough stock of cigarettes. Yay, yay… All these years I haven’t never seen a better player than Aditya. It’s nothing big to win against your brains that gathered dust for thirteen years. Hey, what do you know? Aditya is a Grand Master. He is not a Grand Master. He is a convict with a death sentence. Aditya should get out of this case by the grace of God. You called me forty times Is the sky falling? I thought you would want to know about me. What is there to know? Forty people are dead. Did you think even once about them? No. But would you like to know why? Tell me. ‘I was selling lies for truth.’ ‘Now I understand how difficult it is to convince people with truth.’ Hunger is hasty, It passed off an ordinary stone for a diamond. It took me in control. Hey! Shh! What did you do? – Nothing, Sir. Then why are you hiding? Will you speak up or shall I call the police? I found this diamond in the farm. It values a lot of money. Some people tried to snatch this from me. Let me take a look. – Not unless you pay me. Thievery is one of the arts. Hence I am not a thief I am an artist. In this fake world, it is easy to turn truth into falsehood. They robbed the public of millions selling fake tickets to cricket. The victims are demonstrating in front of the cricket Board. Maha Trusts near traffic signals… Yehova Trusts near colleges… Mirza Trust near the theatre…And here? Acharya Trust… No, no! He just paid you a hundred. Shall I open my mouth about your Trust? – No. Hard work is fine. But where is smart work? I need a smart looking Assistant Will you join me? Sister! Can you give me change for a thousand? After defrauding so many people, You declare yourself innocent now! Don’t decide my present based on Past. Every moment of your past is the reason behind your present. But I also spent a million guilt free moments. Her name is Yatra. Madam, your order please. Get one more of the same. That’s my order. I am hungry, Ma’am I have ordered one more. Please don’t stare food may not agree with me. We can share if it is ok. Are you looking at me or the billboard? Where is the dropping location, ma’am? – KPHB Colony. Ah! You fed me but you are going hungry! Hey, what is this? – Let’s go. My house is on the way I will get off there. Where? – Bhavya’s Tulasi Bhavan Apartments… Here, have this. Hey, bro! – Sir? Keep your eyes on the road; Not on the rear view mirror. I am Arya. You are? This silence feels weird. What can we talk about? – Talk about yourself. What about me? About the world seen by those beautiful eyes, ..about the sound of your name… …about the day you had first breathed Or your favourite song… or something…anything. – You are crossing the line. I never even drew a line! Why should I talk about them? So that I can look for a girl with your likes. I live here in Flat number . How does it matter to me? You can remember me each time you pass this way. No matter which part of the world you are in, Your kohl applied eyes will always haunt me. Bye. Two special teams arrived in Hyderabad last night from Delhi.. ..conducted search operations in the old city Who may be connected to National Terrorist Organization. They have taken into custody suspects Police have been deployed over the entire old city. The search operations may continue tomorrow too. What’s the matter? Mom married him so that I would have a father. He was fine as long as she was here. After she is gone, He started behaving differently. I am scared even to go home. But I have to. I have no one. Today he crossed the line and hit me. I left home. Can I stay here for a few days? I will leave once I get a job. How can I refuse when the beacon of my life wants to stay with me through your eyes? Do stay here. Have it. I am going out for a bit. Please buy whatever you need. Thanks for your help. The sound of my name denotes Yatra. Yatra! She made my world vanish and built her own world around me. Your time… starts… now. Who is Surya Agasti? It’s me. – Sarvanand? Again me. – Didn’t you say you were Arya? Before I was Arya to you, I was Sarvanand. Prior to that I was Michael Before that Pathan. I change my name according to situation. So many names! Even God takes on forms as per context and necessity. What is your actual form? Aditya. Then let me call you Aditya. But what is the divine purpose of changing names? Purpose is not so divine But I am an artist. Actor? Artist…the art of stealing… The art of highest form among the arts…set. Do you know how high you can reach if all this intellect is put to proper use? World would be awestruck. Shall we go somewhere? Where to? “I can’t breathe unless I set my eyes on you” “I can’t breathe unless I set my eyes on you” “So I come early morning along with sunrise” “I anoint you in soft moon light sans a full moon” “Let’s say ‘check’ to the obstacles and off limits” “In a world where there is no ‘Stop’ sign” “I can’t breathe unless I set my eyes on you” “I can’t breathe unless I set my eyes on you” “Shall I create a day with no date and time is still?” “Shall I create a place with no moment without you?” “Even when my eyes are closed or open” “Even when my eyes are blind folded” “I can’t breathe unless I set my eyes on you” “I can’t breathe unless I set my eyes on you” Hey! Hey! How did the bottle move from its place? You were alone earlier. Now I am also here. May be I have moved it. What does this mean? ‘Shuddhosi Buddhosi Niranjanosi’ You are born pure, true and unblemished. This is a reminder that I should live at least one such moment before I die. Shall we get married? Hmm? I am happy I am just happy. That was the last time I saw her. Who is BB? Where does he live? – I don’t know, Sir. How did mails go to him from your laptop then? I haven’t sent any mails. Who did then? Why do you have so many credit and debit cards? I run small white collar scams. But I have no connection to this bomb blast, Sir. I was in Kerala with Yatra when those mails were sent. Who is BB, idiot? – Who is BB? Who is BB??!! – I don’t know anyone, Sir. Both the court and NIA have concluded that Yatra is a fiction. There is no evidence she exists. Why should I believe you? – Because it is true. Because your trust will prove me innocent. – My trust won’t prove you innocent. Your fictional Yatra should come to life to prove it. I am sure she will come some day. The day my laptop was used, we were both in Kerala. She has all the photos and videos we took there. The judge is in proceedings It will take an hour. Heck! You know nothing of the game. Do you know what a bad move this is! You should have placed this instead of that one. Ok, go ahead I will checkmate and show you. Yeah, we’ll see. Play on. Hey, Chinna! So you want to Check? Kill the Rook with your Bishop. Move the pawn before the Black Bishop one step ahead. Move the Rook to the King and Check. Checkmate! Will you play with me? Hey, where are you going? She is the judge’s granddaughter State lever Chess champion. Greetings, Sir. Greetings, Sir. Finish the game! Check! I resign. You could have lost. If I fake defeat, your daughter will have to fake victory, Sir. Aditya… They have given six month’s time to present Yatra before the court. Other than waiting for her in good faith, there is nothing I can do. How are you, grandpa? – I am great. How are you, dear? Exams are coming up I am a bit tense. Tension and you? My granddaughter always tops. That’s what you say. Mom says she will get me married if I don’t get good percentage. Marriage?! But you are still a kid! Mom says, ‘You are When will you get married?’ ?! – Hmm. How quickly you grew up! Yes, old man! She looks like a ripe fruit. Even looking at her… You go home now, dear. I will transfer some money to your account Buy yourself a nice phone. Ok? Ok. – Hey, wait, wait! Hello! Shucks! Hey, hey! Hey! So you bought her the mobile! She will find somebody in a day or two and everything will be done over the phone. Hey, old man! Give me Amrutha’s number. Tut! – Hey! How dare you hit me, oldie! How dare you hit me! Hey..stop. Hey..stop. Walk on! Careful! Aditya! How do you feel now? – I am ok. But he won’t spare me until he sees my end. What did you do so bad that he wants to kill you? Nothing much but it is a grave mistake in his eyes. He wants to prove himself the king within four walls. He will do that by killing me. With the SP and so many guards around it is not possible to do that. He can do anything if he wants to. I heard you defeated the State Champion? I told you. You are qualified to play against Masters. What about the appeal, but? They have given me six months. So, you expect Yatra to be back by then? She has no intention of returning. Meaning? Every single statement of hers to me was a lie. The night she walked into my flat, NIA conducted raids across the city. They arrested twenty people. The three days we were touring Kerala, her people entered my flat and used my laptop. NIA arrested on the basis of my IP address. I saw her last on the third of December, . Exactly two days later, there was a bomb blast. So it was December . The BB that NIA grilled me about was Bill Board. The Dhamaka Sale date I saw on the Bill Board was December . They communicated the blast date through the bill board. Love, trust and deception… all three look alike. I cheated people through trust. Yatra cheated me through love. Why don’t you inform the lawyer about this? No point, Only I know she is Yatra. For the rest of the world she is my fictional character. What will you do now? He is very confident that Yatra will reappear in spite of vanishing three years ago, Dad. Born artists are confident artists. It is their profession to make believe. He beat the State Champion yesterday. You need IQ to be that good at chess, right? Do you know Srinivasa Ramanujan? He couldn’t study much due to poor financial conditions. But the whole world became a fan of his intellect. To put it simply, these people are never weighed down by problems. They would rather keep looking for solutions. To help you understand, Ordinary brain functions at GB. While Aditya’s brain functions at or . So your brain must be working at MB. Which means stop giggling and be cautious around him. Sir! Aditya! – Sir! I heard you are rocking at Chess. Good! Very good! One Sarathi used to be in the same prison. After coming here, he developed a lot of interest in painting. There are many inmates with talent here. But to unearth their talent there is no proper channel. Unfortunately. I wanted to set up a Library and a Sports Facility before I retire. But the government doesn’t seem to have funds. No, seriously! When it is done, we should consider it done. That’s all. Anyway, the reason for summoning you is… the judge’s granddaughter wants to practice chess with you two hours every day, With me? – Yes, with you. Sir, I have a request. – What is it? Add Master ji”s name in the release list for August th and I will have no objection… …to practice chess with her. You don’t spare an opportunity, do you? You are bargaining with the judge himself, huh? He is in prison for a crime of passion. He caused no harm to anyone. They won’t let him survive here You also know that. Master ji! Master ji! You are getting released soon. – Me?! They are releasing you on th August The jailor has just told me. Do you know what my next move is? Guess! How do you know? Hello, Guruji! How are you? You are discharged early from the hospital! Take care of your health, Guruji. – Ok. BB means Bishop… In the B column…third… It will take an hour for the SP to come. I will switch off the CC cameras for half an hour. Do whatever you want. Hmm? This is the King, right? – You can’t move the King. But I am also a king. What’s wrong with a king moving another king, old man? Rules don’t agree. Who frames the rules here? Come on! Does the soldier have the guts to face the King? It is the soldier who flags off the war. [HUMMING] Happy Independence Day! Today is your release Aren’t you ready? Don’t get emotional Remember what I said? So I have to face the battle with both these kingdoms by myself! Varna! Aditya has given me your number. War is inevitable. But should I use my heart or mind to wage it? Whatever the war is against, every step should be towards emancipation. Who are you? I am Yatra. I am here as a witness in Aditya’s case. Where were you all these years? Dad forcefully took me to Mumbai and got me married. I lost all contact with the outside world I was not allowed to step out. After I heard about Aditya, I did try a couple of times. But they threatened to kill him. Manasa! Please come over once. Don’t keep nodding your head. I wonder if this girl is Yatra. He must have sent her. She is here all of a sudden and I can’t understand anything. I do. I came across lots of false witnesses in my career. Those are all petty cases This is different. A small mistake and you end up losing your career, reputation and even your license. You will never be able to practice law in your life again. You may deceive people but not this machine. You will be exposed in the polygraph test. You can just say yes or no to the questions I ask. Are you ready? – Yes. Is your name Yatra? Yes. Were you born on rd July, ? Yes. Were you born in Chennai? No. Were you and Aditya in love? Yes. Is your favourite colour red? What is this guy?! – Yes. Why is he asking silly questions on favourite colours and favourite actors?! Dad! He is an expert Please be silent. Did Aditya used to forge cheques? Yes. Were you both involved in these fraud activities? No. Does Aditya have links to terrorists? Dad! The polygraph report is here. What does it say? That she was lying? It says inconclusive. Meaning? Incomplete. It means they don’t know whether Yatra was speaking the truth or not. So she has confused the machine too. What do we do now? There’s no time, Dad Coming week we need to appeal. Let’s trust Aditya and proceed. How are you? I never thought I would see you this way don’t worry. You will be out soon. Why worry? You are here now. I will try my best. We will definitely win this case. Be brave. Hyderabad is turning into a Chess hub. Hyderabad is going to host a National Level Chess Tournament in a few days. In this mega event… Hey, Srimannarayana! Hello! Come! Sit, sit! Long time! So how are you? So how are you? How do you do and what do you do… There is no time for these cliché questions. You seem to have picked up some philosophy from prison? No, man! Aditya, an inmate from prison, is a brilliant chess player. How brilliant? Viswanathan Anand…Kasperov That’s good. Let him represent the Federation once he is released. That’s what I am here for. But what was his crime? When is he getting released? Are you out of your mind? Hey! Get back to your game! You too! If I allow a terrorist to play, I will have to shut down my Federation. Hey, I don’t care how you would pull this off. But Aditya should be in the next month’s National Championship from the Federation. Trust me. We are yet to see a player like him. Give him just one chance. It’s not so easy, man! Hey, watch his game just once. Then the decision is yours. Ok. If Aditya is such a brilliant player… Ram can beat these players. Let Aditya defeat one of the We will see then. Ok. Why play against one of the ? He will play the one who defeats all the . Ok? Aditya! The old man is here for you. It seems it is something urgent. Aditya! Ram, National Champion. He is my friend and the State Chess Federation Head. If you win against him, You will enter National Open Chess Championship from Federation. We have the appeal hearing today, remember? – Don’t worry. Everything will go smooth. Ram is leaving on a world tour tomorrow. So we were forced to arrange this way. Only nine minutes left shall we start? Ok? Are you ok? I am a bit nervous. No need to fret. Just reply truthfully to the Prosecutor’s questions. C D King D Rocky c Sleepy head! You said Yatra always wears kohl. She is not wearing today. Check! Why didn’t you wear kohl today? I forgot to in all the hurry. But I didn’t see you wearing it for the past ten days. Look! I have no other thought on my mind than Aditya getting released from prison. Check! Why there was no kohl even in these photos? We were on a journey. So I never bothered about it. Ok. What did Aditya used to say about your kohl? He used to say it was very beautiful.. How would he describe them? Check! Why do you want to talk to her? Wait a moment, Dad! Tell me. If she knew she would tell you. It is immaterial to the court whether I wore kohl or not. It matters to me. Let’s start the proceedings. Aditya has no other option. Don’t make this a big issue. No one believed Aditya was innocent. Only I believed. And he deceived me! He only deceived but he is not a terrorist. If they realize we produced a fake witness, We lose not only my career but Aditya’s pardon too. Manasa! Yes, Your Honour! – What is the delay? Start the proceedings. Sorry, Your Honour! Please! Aditya! Only two minutes left. QD Check. Your Honour! Between a lawyer and her client trust is a major factor. I just realized that factor is missing. I am withdrawing from the case. I am really sorry for wasting your and the court’s precious time. The court is adjourned. Ram! You have lost the game. Resign. Sri! What you said is true. He is a miracle. The game is not over until I say Checkmate. Checkmate! Move, kid! Your time is up. Sir, there is still time. Not here, Your time is up on this planet. Your appeal is cancelled. Your lawyer withdrew from the case. Get up! Move! Get up! Move! But there is still time. Hey! Let go! How dare you touch me! Play. QB Check! I am going to see your end Kill the idiot! QD check RT Check All the lawful roads are closed for me. The only option I have is my petition to the President seeking pardon. Aditya! The old man wants to see you. He has been eating and sleeping outside the prison for three months. Why don’t you see him once? You seem to be waiting for a month outside the prison! What is the matter? Just to meet you. To see me before I die? It’s not that, Aditya. I must tell you something. – Don’t kill me with your halting speech. I am having a nervous breakdown Spit it out! The National Championship is ten days away. You have to participate in that. After that? – Common Wealth. Then? – Grand Master. And then? – World Championship! Me or my dead body? You have gathered years but have you no sense? If the appeal is cancelled you know they will hang me to death. Didn’t I ask you to watch Varna’s every step? How did you forget that? Now you better go on a pilgrimage and let me die in peace. Leave me alone! Don’t say that, Aditya. Your talent should not go waste. Are you nuts? Get lost from here. I am dying here and why do you talk about my talent and bull crap? When you cannot escape death, be eternal. Your name will live on, though you die. There will never be another player like you, Adity! Do you even listen to yourself? Normally people ask a dying man what his last wish is. But you are asking a dying man to fulfill your wish. So if I play the game, you gain reputation as a coach. You will get rid of the stigma. Right? No, no, Aditya! Doesn’t it look like stealing a penny off a dead man’s eyes? Aditya! Other than introducing the genius in you to the world… Go away, man! – I have no hidden agenda. If someone comes asking for me, tell them I have been hanged. – Ok. Until you consent to play, I will wait right outside this prison. Remember that! Hello, Boss! Vikram. – Veda. I heard you are a killer at chess? Probably he would be a champion if he were outside. We cannot understand silence, boss. May be there is a lot of pain behind that silence. Let us take some. Ok. Hey, It pains us to see you in this state, Boss. Try staying here for four years. We have no intention of staying so long, boss. Escaping from here? No. Evidently you don’t know us. We have already run away five times. That’s why you both are sent here. They tell the same story each time they are caught. But we will successfully…Escap! “Sacrifice your smile for someone… Borrow someone’s pain if you can…” “That is what life is all about!” Aditya! I am leaving. Don’t ever come back here. Don’t ever come back here. Dad! Is there a chance of pardon in Aditya’s case? The President has the power to grant pardon. But he won’t. It is decided on the recommendations of the sitting government. To put it simply, the prevailing situation at the time of signing is the deciding factor. What if the families of victims sign a petition supporting Aditya? Will they? If they will? Then every signature will be a fresh breath of life for Aditya. I am going to meet Aditya. You said he refuses to meet anyone! Jailor has granted fifteen minute permission. I will meet him at his cell. We have to evade a hundred guards and CC cameras to escape. I think Aditya was right It is not that easy to escape. Hey, Veda! Doubt is more dangerous than fear. Mind, word and deed should always collaborate. We are definitely out of here. What would the headline say after we run away? ‘The Great Escape’. Madam…madam… The girl looks great! – Please come here once, Madam. Madam. Hey, stop it man! – Super Madam! Are you here for the terrorist? Hey, baby! Pay me a visit too! If you want to win, you need to take a step forward, Aditya! When we know death is the goal, what is the point in taking a step forward? May be your step would change the goal. – To achieve what? Your freedom. When you win, you grow closer to the world. The public will change its opinion. And you will be granted pardon. You deserted me half-way through Why are you here again? Yatra… I came to know through a friend at NIA that there was a girl among the four terrorists. Her name is not Yatra. She is Isabel. She developed interest in Jihad very early in life. She made it her mission. Two days after the bomb blast, she went away to Dubai in the name of Isabel. If you catch her, you can reopen the case. Right? A months ago, there were attacks on terrorist camps in Dubai. She was killed in the shooting. The only option you have to save your life is to play for National Championship. If I win, will there be pardon? Definitely. I bring some chess books for you. Don’t lose your hope. Hmm? Aditya, I am sorry… For not believing you. Hey, let her go! Hey, bloody idiot! I’ll kill you. Let go! Kick…hut…give me a KISS. Hey, let her go! Leave her! Let go! Leave her! Let go! Missed her, man! Let’s go, Madam. – Hey! Slipper… One punch and you will bleed to death, idiot! Come, Madam. What are you looking at, Aditya? A man’s life begins with a woman and ends with a woman. The most difficult thing in this creation is to forget the girl you loved. How long will you pine? We are planning to escape. Will you come along? Is it lack of intention to escape or lack of interest in life? Say yes and we will take you along. Think fast and let us know, boss! [HUMMING] Just a minute. The High Court has granted Aditya permission to take part in the Chess Tournament, Sir. Courts have nothing to lose They keep giving permission. It is our headache now to provide security. By the way, do you really believe Aditya is innocent? Do you? With the National Chess Championship, Aditya’s name resounds through the nation. Brother! All the best! – Thanks. Good luck, boss! All the best! Thank you, boss. Victory shall be yours! Aditya! You must bring laurels to our prison. – Hmm… Here, The old man has brought you some new clothes. Greetings! Welcome to the th National Chess Championship Tournament presented by Bhavya Cements. More than three hundred candidates have arrived here to take part in the competition. For the first time in history a terrorist with a death sentence is participating in the chess tournament. Aditya…is the back door…Let’s go. Make it fast. – Let’s go. Aditya, you are playing Nationals despite being a criminal, How do you feel? Move. – The High Court has rejected your appeal. What is your next step? – Are you really innocent? Are you considering appealing to the President for pardon? Aditya! I welcome all the players to this National Chess Championship… Past and future are like death and birth. If you want this moment, you must entwine your mind and soul. Aditya is participating We better give up hopes on championship. Go ahead and give up I have no such fears. I have played him many times I know him very well. You will know when you face him. Aditya has appealed for Presidential Pardon. We need your support for President’s consent. Sir, I have been handling this case for four years. I have come here with the belief that Adiyta is innocent. I don’t know whether he is guilty or not. But I know he wants to live. Tell me where to sign. Oh! You said you were not afraid? Checkmate! Aditya wins the third game in a row. All eyes are on Aditya now. This is my childhood friend, Aditya. Undoubtedly it is Aditya. Exactly same eyes. Hey, Ram! All the best. – Thanks. I will just come. – Yeah. Hi, Ram! Master ji! Who do you think will win? Aditya. – Sure? % sure. By the way, I am Swami I am a childhood friend of Aditya’s. Hello! – Hi. Your life is in my hands. I will suffocate you to death. Hey, naughty! You are still watching in secret? You might as well watch it on TV at home! Hey, get going! If he is not able to handle stress, his stars are messing with him. Five more moves and Aditya will call out checkmate. No, I can’t lose this. No! Hey, what are you doing? – What is happening here? How can you allow a terrorist to play chess instead of hanging him? Has none of you got any responsibility? The court has allowed him to play. You made a blunder giving him permission. Anyway, I won’t play with this traitor. What the… – Ram… Please, Ram! This game is very important. Please, Ram! Try to understand. Please! – Hey! Please, Ram! – Ram! What is this? Hey! You are afraid to play and making lame excuses. Open challenge to you. Play as many games as you want with him today. Win one game and I will be your slave for a life time. He is a guy who beat both the jungle and the night even as a kid. I was scared so I stopped that day. Good thing you did that Or you would have ended up with me here. If I didn’t, probably we would be at a different place. I never thought we would meet again, bro! How are you and what are you up to? I am working here as a civil engineer in a construction company. I have met Master ji, He told me everything. Don’t worry, you will come out soon. With all the ruckus yesterday, I should see if anyone is ready to play Aditya. If no one is ready, Aditya will be disqualified. Pujita! Thank you! Thank you so much. Watch out! I know all your tricks. Surprising everyone, Aditya dashed into the Finals. Aditya progresses like a race horse on the chess board and reaches the Finals. It’s time to see whether he would emerge first or not. Aditya baffles his opponents with his moves and counter moves. Dangling death doesn’t deter him from winning in Chess. Aditya! Now that you are in the Finals, how does it feel? If you win the Finals, is there a chance of your sentence being reduced? Public thinks your sentence will be reduced if you win the Finals. What do you say? What does that smile mean? – Aditya, please say something. We have here with us today, a child prodigy and the youngest Grand Master in the world. How are you? Happy! You have reached the Finals Aditya is your opponent. How do you feel? – Happy! What if Aditya defeats you? – Happy! He is happy about everything Let us see who wins the Finals. The sword will go straight through the kid. Master ji! Why the tension? It’s about that kid. He is tiny and puny How is he a threat? Do you know about the incarnation of Vamana? One foot down and the earth started trembling. He made even stalwarts like Viswanathan Anand sweat. Aditya has to be really up and awake. How do you play a game unless you are awake? Uncle, look at Aditya’s leg. I know all his tricks He is up to something. What do you think he is up to? Check! That’s a very bad move! No! Old man! Old man! – Master ji! What happened? Aditya lost his Minister. This guy’s zodiac doesn’t seem to cooperate with the Minister. Be it on the Board or at Home. – Watch it in silence, man! To win, sometimes you have to use a whale as a lure to catch a fish. Resign! Who would have imagined Aditya would emerge the winner?! The whole nation sat up with a jolt. National Chess Championship Gold Medal around the neck of a terrorist! From gallows to gold medal! This is very interesting. Someone who can predict the opponent’s moves on the chess board, in his own life has… – Old man! There are no Queens in your horoscope but kings always win. Why are you staring? Aditya has won come on! Come on! How does it feel to carry a terrorist tag and win a National Gold Medal? I say it again I committed no crime. Move aside. The whole world calls you a culprit. What is your response to that? When the eyes are on the lie, truth cannot be heard. Who is your inspiration to play chess? I should thank three people for it. My lawyer Manasa, SP Karunakar Sir. And… My mentor, Master ji… Here. Let’s go, old man! Why do you blush like a new groom? Srimannarayana Garu. You have won the National Championship What next? If the government permits, Commonwealth games at Sweden. Wow! – Good luck! Everybody calls you ‘Master Behind the Bars’ now. There are many more inmates who are talented. Given an opportunity they will become Masters too. What are you planning to do with the prize money? I want to set up a sports club for the inmates of my prison. I request all kind hearts to do their bit. It’s inspiring, Mr Aditya! All the very best. Thank you! Master!…Master! Master!…Master! Master! Your photo is published in the magazine. MASTER BEHIND THE BARS They say you dimple when you smile. Please smile, Master! Sir! Sir is calling you. You mean me? – Yes. This is the design for Sports Complex, Sir. This is the Chess room, This is the caroms room Sir. The painting room comes here. This is a small library Table Tennis room. Washrooms for the inmates will be here. – Nice! There is a great response to Aditya’s request. Lots of patrons are coming up. I am really happy. As Aditya’s friend, you are also doing your bit. Sir… Good. Somehow this sports complex should be completed. Ok, bro..Bye, take care. – Ok, Uncle. However intelligent we are, we need a mentor to become Grand Master. I requested the old man Learn from him. Thanks, brother All the best for your Commonwealth games. Wonder boy, Magnus Carlson. Sir… Current World Chess Champion, right? I am sure you will reach that position, Aditya. With your encouragement, I surely will, Sir. Of course, but I can encourage you only for one more day. I am getting transferred, Aditya. Let me know if there is anything I can do. I am thankful for your help so far, Sir. I sincerely pray that you get President’s pardon. Thank you, Sir. The new SP takes charge tomorrow. He doesn’t have good reputation. Don’t pay attention to him. Focus on the Commonwealth games, ok? Yes, Sir. All the best! – Thank you, Sir. Greetings, Sir. Name? Aditya, Sir. Where were you born? – I have no idea, Sir. Surely in India, right? Yes, Sir. You are born on this land. You grew up on the food from this land and yet how could you betray this land? Traitor! – I committed no crime. Why are your eyes restless? Are you hiding something? There is nothing to hide, Sir. They are decorating a neck worthy of rope with gold medals. A terrorist is now called a Master. I am not a terrorist, Sir. – Then tell me who you are. This is my identity. SP. This is my identity. What is your identity? My identity is Trigger… Terrorist…traitor! That is your identity! ‘The new SP takes charge tomorrow He doesn’t have good reputation. Don’t pay attention to him. Focus on the Commonwealth games. Ok?’ You will not smile from this moment. What is this? It’s a chess piece, Sir. What piece? – King, Sir. It looks like a weapon to me. Why talk to him, Sir? Pull the trigger! Talk too much once again or raise your head. I will never let you see the sunrise in life. I will throw you in the solitary. Send him to the infirmary! Write the report. An inmate…no, no, a terrorist from room no. of Block C was caught with a lethal weapon. He even attempted murder on Trigger, another convict. I keep this terrorist with impulsive reactions, separate from the others. Send him to the solitary! Sir, he is participating in the Commonwealth games next month. He is a very good player. Please don’t stop him. You have come forward to handle the case of a traitor. I am not that kind. Please! Hey! Are you in your senses? He is a terrorist! I lost my kid brother in the bomb blast. Just to stop him from escaping execution, I groveled at feet and got the posting here. Sir, Aditya has no connection to that bomb blast. He is innocent. But what is the connection between you and him? He is your client and you are his advocate. He grew on you and now you turned into his client? Not Aditya…it’s you who should be hanged. Hey, I said get out! Get out! Greetings, Sir. Manasa! Look at this paper. They published saying you have an affair with that terrorist. Everybody is talking about you. This is the hot topic through the entire court. How can a terrorist and his lawyer have an affair? Huh? Yes, Sir. Where is this world heading for? Hey, you know about Manasa. This is all that jailor’s vengeful ploy. It’s all about Manasa everywhere. Yes, man! All the papers have published it. First get her married. – That’s the only job! – Sir! What is it? – You are on TV. Me? – You! On TV? Am I Mahesh Babu or Junior NTR? Oh! Someone was taking a video when I was brushing in the balcony! Here…press is all around our house. Close all the doors Draw the curtains. Hey, where are you going? You don’t have to go to the court from today. It was my fault to give you a criminal case. Take up only RTI cases from today. Look at them! They have swooped down like vultures! But you had advised me not to be afraid! I am afraid! Good or bad I thought you will get a name and handed you the case. But I never expected this. I can tell between good and bad, Dad! There was a time when the slightest sound would frighten me. But not anymore. I am least affected by these shrieks. Sir! Hmm? The lawyer has filed an enquiry for sending him to the solitary. He wants to build the sports complex to gain sympathy from public. I won’t let it happen. Hey, catch! – Hey! They ordered enquiry for sending that bloody terrorist to the solitary. If anyone testifies in his support, they will never see light again. He wants to become a hero through chess. He will never participate in any tournament from now on. Got it? Ok, Sir. After hearing Manasa’s petition on Gadval Correction Facility, A team of officials Interrogated the inmates. During the interrogation the team was convinced that Aditya was innocent. Suspecting that SP Narasimhareddy had misused his power. It ordered further enquiry. It has also granted permission for Aditya to participate in Commonwealth Games. Hey, come out! Thanks a lot for your help. It’s better you stay away from me from now on. Why? Because someone wrote crap? Aditya, what you said was right. When eyes are on the lie, truth can never be heard. You and I have no affair. But they write what they want to. And I stopped caring. I see a lot of change in you since I met you. It’s a good thing, right? I have something important to say. Orders are passed to hang the four terrorists. Please be careful until Pardon is granted. Master! Master! – Hi! Master! – Thanks a lot for speaking for me. You are always welcome. Planning to run away again? No, Sir. So you are friends with this guy! No wonder you testified against me! Go! Go! I heard you are a great trickster. I believe you can make a penny pass for a pound. In case you are up to some tricks here for escape, Let me advise you. Running away is dangerous to life. The high voltage will turn you to ashes. Never forget that your life is in my hands. There is only one way to escape from here. Do you know what it is? You have to vanish into thin air. [Abracadabra! Magic] What is it, Aditya? Is the SP threatening you? Don’t be bothered. I still have your soap box secret with me. Why such commotion over a trivial issue? Pay me ten…no no…make it thousand. Your secret will be safe with me. All the best, Aditya! – Thank you. Play well, man! Wow! Old man! You are full of glow after your release! Face pack, is it? I deposited , in your account. Next time you come, bring along face packs and Multani mud. What do you mean next time? Did you think it is all over? He is a golden goose. Bring me an egg worth a lakh next time. Why are you angry? Do you want me to announce how your mentee is winning the game using slips? Master ji! I have a doubt! – Hmm? How come there are only elephants, camels and horses in Chess? Why no tigers or lions? And they are so powerful! Elephants, camels and horses are animals with awareness. They co-existed with man for years. Together with man they traveled places, waged wars and made sacrifices. Tigers and Lions are powerful. That’s why they are power mongers and keep losing discretion. They cannot co-exist with man. Breaking news! Aditya has stormed into the Finals. If he wins them, he will emerge a genius. Aditya faces the Canadian Grand Master in the Finals. Should Aditya be called a terrorist or Grand Master? Should Aditya be granted pardon? You are superb, boss! You have reached the Finals. Winning is now only a formality Stop wondering and join us. Look, boss! Even if pardon is granted, you have to spend rest of your life in prison. Right? Why do you keep nodding to everything? hours to freedom from this moment. You still have time. Think about it. Hey, boss! Boss! Are you coming or not? Hold him! – What happened? What’s wrong? Doctor! This way! Lay him down here. – Careful! Hold him! He passed out due to lack of sleep. Give him two day’s rest and he will be fine. There is nothing to worry. Come Trigger. You guys can go. – Sir. Tell him Trigger can never raise his head in life. Do as I say and you can hold your head high. Sleep! Hey, go to the other side and lift him. He is bloody dead! Let’s go for a puff! Ask your SP to write this report. There was a power clash among the Trigger gang and they battered one another. The whole gang was injured in this clash while Trigger sustained spinal injury. Tell him Trigger can never raise his head in life. They say laughter is as great as the universe. But what about pain? Count down start master… Checkmate. Aditya! You are everywhere. Look! % of them wish for your Pardon. I am sure Pardon will be granted. – Thank you. Thanks are not enough But I cannot give you anything else. I did nothing. You have fought for your own freedom. They say President is likely to sign the order this week. Then you can participate in the world championship. I can’t stand the thought that I am not in control of my life. At that exact time, an incident happened that changed my fate. In the bomb attack in Jammu and Kashmir today, military personnel are martyred. Prime Minister Modi and the President of India condemned the attack. These terrorist ba♪♪♪♪ don’t let this country in peace! The Prime Minister has warned that there will be retaliation. Why are they patronizing you instead of hanging? How are you able to eat? Even if you are granted Pardon, we are not going to spare you! Finish him! Hey, I will see your end! You are done for! Hey, wait! Wait! Move aside! Sir! I will kill him, Sir. – Move! Go! He is a terrorist, Sir. The hands that clapped now demand death. Man continues to carry hatred in love, sadness in joy, envy in inspiration… …and the beast in himself. I am there for you, Aditya Don’t be pensive. Things are changing by the day. People are beginning to hate you. If you don’t want me to be like them, pay me a lakh. I will hand over the slip to you. Otherwise, I can always give it to the SP. This is last and final. Give me five. Also bring me the books. Not for reading Just for browsing. Also bring Prabhat Rajratan aromatic betel nut. My taste buds are yearning for it. Passion has no place for contemplation. But if passion leads to contemplation, there is no place for shrewdness. He once served sentence for crime of passion. Now he sentenced someone to punishment. Aditya still awaits the President’s Pardon. Though hopes were high till yesterday, Honourable president seems to be in a dilemma due to the recent terror attack. My name, my victory, my fame… Nothing could stand before the public fury. President has denied me pardon. And sounded a death knell sending me to high security prison. Hey! I have finally fixed the deadline for your death. I am overjoyed. You thought you would escape? The bomb blast happened at the right moment! It’s as if it is meant for you to be hanged! I sensed some honesty in your hatred for me all these days. My bad! They didn’t die so that I would be hanged. They became martyrs in the line of duty! Rants of a dying man sound very sweet to me. I want to be large hearted and give you a chance. Whom would you like to meet finally? I want to meet the lawyer. I want to meet my lawyer. Hey… You are not bored yet?! Naughty! Your tears tell me you care and I am happy. Thank you for believing me. If I didn’t withdraw from the case that day, probably you would be out by now. I am really sorry, Aditya. It’s not your fault. It is all destiny. Can you do me a final favour? Hmm. Before I die, I want to play Mr Viswanathan Anand, the world champion. Hmm. Just because Mr Viswanathan Anand has consented, if we allow a terrorist to the game, public will lose trust in the system. Defending lawyer is simply pursuing her personal agenda. That’s all, My Lord! My Lord! Aditya is my client and I am his advocate. I have no personal agenda. The whole world is aware of Aditya’s rare talent. It is meaningless to imagine bad impact on the future generations. If he were malicious, He wouldn’t think of building a sports complex for his co-inmates. Forty innocent people have died The state of their families is clueless. This nation will not forgive any mercy or compassion towards the culprit, My Lord! My Lord! Past decides the present and the present designs the future. I only wish the judgment delivered today should be an ideal reference for the future. Knowing that he is going to die, He wishes to live one last time. On humanitarian grounds, I hope you will grant Aditya his last wish. We have seen many savage criminals in history. But once in a while comes a rare case. If he had a family in early childhood his journey would probably be different, Perhaps he would have grown to be the pride of this country. His appeal is for neither vacating the sentence nor reducing it. He requested for one last game which transformed him so much. I see nothing wrong in consenting to this request. I hope the society will welcome this decision with a large heart. Hello, Dad! The court has allowed Aditya to play Kasperov on this th. Have a cigarette? Still a non-smoker. I have my final match with the world champion Mr Viswanathan Anand. Do attend without fail. You are talking about the pm match. They are going to hang you at .. Not scared of death? Thank you so much for obliging me, Sir. I heard a lot about you I did want to play with you. Please don’t let pity overtake you. I want to play the genius in you. Washroom… Not able to contain, is it? Certain things are time-bound, Sir. Hey, Keep the door open. Hey! Hey! He is going to die in ten hours. Let him smoke. Hey! Close that door first! Shut it! What happened? Nothing. Don’t worry, Sir Please sit down. Hey, look there! Hey, get me a torch! – Yes, Sir. There is a ditch under the floor. Oh, my God! My God! Hey! He dug a tunnel and running out of the western style commode. Katramayya! – Sir! Smash this door. – Sir… He shouldn’t find any way to get out. Where can he go, Sir? He will be dead today instead of tomorrow. He managed to escape Bloody fellow! Brother! Take this! Abracadabra…He made us fools! Hello, Sir. – Tell me! There is a fake door here, Sir. There is nothing but a wall behind it. Grand Master! He made a grand exit from here. Hello. Hello.. Aditya! Not bad! You have recognized me after all these years. I couldn’t understand your silence then. I do now. I can’t talk for long. I won’t ask you how you are or where you are. Just tell me how you did it. Certain things are best left as mystery. Can we meet up some time? Let’s leave it to fate. ‘I control my own fate.’ I decided to run away the moment I heard of Yatra’s death. I saw no point in getting Pardon, when I would have to live in prison. My idea took shape after meeting my friend, Swami. I am working here as a civil engineer in a construction company. I wanted to set up a Sports Facility before I retire. I want to set up a sports club for the inmates of my prison. I had a hunch that S P Karunakar would welcome the construction of Sports Complex. As soon as we get the permission, Ask Swami to manage the lowest quote from his company. This will be the only way of my escape. Twenty feet below the surface, they must construct a dummy water discharge chamber. Ask Swami to include it in the construction plan without raising red flags. He came dummy water discharge chamber. But then, there was a mishap I thought I was caught. The slip I was sending you landed in Vinay’s hands. That had details of diverting all attention to the decoy tunnel, using smoke. If he opens his mouth, the plan will be thwarted. Everything went as per plan. Only the Sports Complex inauguration was pending. I wanted to execute the plan at the right time after the inauguration. Just then… I have finally fixed the deadline for your death. There was no time Somehow I had to step into the Sports Complex. That was when I told Manasa that it was my last wish to play Viswanathan Anand. ‘In the middle of the match, Aditya will take permission to go to the washroom.’ Once inside the washroom, Within a minute of my turning the knob, the room would be filled with smoke I diverted their attention as planned and filled up the pillar again. Not to raise any suspicion, I used PU chemical foam to make it solid. When a terrorist escapes, the entire security will be on high alert. They will comb the whole country There is a chance of getting caught. That’s why I stayed in the tiny room until the furor died on its own. At the end of life six feet is all that we end up with. I survived three months in a six feet hole, with almost no ventilation and no contact with others. Swami had arranged everything required for a man to survive. Dry fruits, Vitamins, water… I used them economically. The tunnel was dug as long as the construction activity was on. I dug the rest whenever I could, and escaped far away from prison. For a crime I never committed, I was subjected to terrible torture for days on end in the solitary. That experience came in handy. Hey, where are you? Three months have passed. My body, mind and soul were yearning for light. Things must have become normal outside. World looks for a new sensation every day. They must have forgotten me by now. I ran out of water too. It was time to step out of here. Before walking into light, you must first dissolve into the night. Limitless sky, aimless wind.. Woodless fire, unhindered flow of water… fenceless earth…These await my arrival. Until I prove myself ‘not guilty’, Master and Swami will be in exile with me. 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